Vincotto 1825 - Raspberry Vinegar 250mL
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Vincotto 1825 - Raspberry Vinegar 250mL

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Raspberry Vincotto brings the flavors of summer throughout the year. This unique vinegar enhances simple salads and adds depth to meat marinades. Vincotto Raspberry is crafted by the infusion of raspberry after the third year of vinegar aging.

Mere drops can be used as a condiment over roasted meats, carpaccio, grilled fish, soups, cheese, sorbets, fruit salad and many other desserts.

Try this over hot pasta, toasted walnut pieces and wilted rocket; or drizzled on barbecued or roasted lamb served with couscous and salad. It’s also a nice choice drizzled over grilled or barbecued fish. It's very tempting with grilled chicken or even with a chicken salad. Certainly with cheese, and also in a salad that combines greens and fruit. Consider a drizzle in a roasted or grilled chicken or turkey sandwich!

Raspberry Vincotto promotes vanilla ice cream to gourmet status.