Snappers - Milk Chocolate Pretzels 170g
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Snappers - Milk Chocolate Pretzels 170g

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“Snappers™ are inspired by our childhood. Growing up, we watched our parents make our favorite chocolate confections, Turtles, at the family chocolate factory. Those memories inspired a new, innovative twist on a classic treat – the prefect blend of creamy caramel, decadent dark chocolate, and the salty crunch of pretzel. We hope you enjoy Snappers™ as much as we do!” – Founders, Chris, Dana, and Mark Edwards Edward Marc is a premium, boutique-style chocolatier with a rich history of innovating and creating high quality, handmade sweets and chocolates. Today, the sibling owners use legacy recipes and techniques that have been handed down over 100-years and four generations of chocolatiers. In keeping with the family tradition of innovation, the Snappers™ line represents the company’s foray into an emerging product category: Sweet Snack. Inspired by time spent making chocolates with their grandparents, Snappers™ are a gourmet chocolate, pretzel, and caramel snack sold globally in retailers such as Costco, Kroger, and Target. Of note, the Snappers™ line employs distinct trade secrets that ensure that every piece is perfect. Snappers™ are made with small batches of caramel to provide the consumer with a rich flavor that holds its profile. Snappers™ are also made with proprietary pretzels with patented shapes and recipes. Lastly, the Snappers™’ chocolate is of a gourmet quality and it is applied at a ratio that ensures the confection is also a permissible and snackable indulgence. In addition to expanding the brand’s market penetration, the siblings have recently launched line extensions including new centers such as peanut butter and holiday flavors such as dark chocolate caramel fudge and milk chocolate cinnamon caramel.