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Rufus Teague - Low Cal Smoke 'n Chipotle BBQ Sauce 330mL

Rufus Teague - Low Cal Smoke 'n Chipotle BBQ Sauce 330mL

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Not only has Rufus Teague made a rich, sweet BBQ sauce with the undeniable smoky heat of chipotle peppers, but all this flavor comes with absolutely NO sugar. For those that like their barbecue with a good amount of spice and zero added sugar, this one’s for you. 

As with all Rufus Teague sauces Smoke ‘N Chipotle is made with the finest natural ingredients. Sweetened with health-minded, all-natural Stevia and no sucralose or other artificial sweeteners. So, make your food happy and remember, “Good sauce makes bad barbecue good and good barbecue gooder.”


Brush, pour or marinate on all types of meat and veggies. Great for dipping, dunking or cooking.


Works great on lean meats like chicken and fish but has a bold enough kick to hold up to pork and beef. Brush or pour on everything from meatloaf to ribs. Wonderful used as a dipping sauce and pouring on sandwiches. 


Non-GMO Verified 

Certified Gluten-Free


All-natural Stevia / No artificial Sweeteners