Rougie - Duck Foie Gras with Truffles 90g
Rougie - Duck Foie Gras with Truffles 90g

Rougie - Duck Foie Gras with Truffles 90g

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When smooth and decadent foie gras gets together with earthy, luxurious black truffles, the result is sumptuous culinary experience.
The real thing: pure duck foie gras liver, not mixed with duck meat (or any meat for that matter). The best livers are cleaned and deveined, then seasoned just right and cooked in Armagnac wine to make it shelf-stable. A perfect gem of French black truffles is studded in the middle, contrasting with the velvety liver for a luxurious effect.
- With no need for refrigeration, you can stock up on these delicious tins of foie gras and keep them in the pantry for any gourmet occasion and special event. Fully cooked blocs of foie gras lose some of that smooth texture, but they’re still incredibly delicious and being able to pop one of these open at the drop of a hat makes it worth it. Plus, it’s the perfect foodie gift that you can send without fretting about sending overnight.
- Although this doesn’t require refrigeration, a bloc of duck foie gras should be chilled before serving, for best flavour. Smear it on toast or rustic bread, with a dollop of sweet fruit preserves, like fig or peach. Go the savory route and pair with Dijon mustard and zesty cornichons on a French baguette for a lunch that will delight you. Pair it with a glass of Sauternes, or a flute of chilled Champagne.
Rougié is a French company that’s been producing some of the world’s finest foie gas since 1875. They raise their ducks in their own farms in Canada, fed with local-grown corn.