Oka Classic 200g
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Oka Classic 200g

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This semi-firm cheese with a brine washed rind is made from pasteurized milk. The OKA Classique is made from specially selected OKA grindstones and matured for over 60 days in the original cellars of the Cistercian Abbey of OKA. This extended ripening time and the additional rinsing of its rind give it greater maturity, which makes OKA Classique a cheese with a tangy taste and a distinctive aroma.

Made since 1893, OKA cheese is considered to be the oldest cheese in Quebec. It has been produced by the Agropur cooperative since 1981, which bought the famous Fromagerie d'Oka from the monks. This cheese was created thanks to Brother Alphonse Juin, a cheese maker from France, who had proposed the manufacture of a cheese to ensure the survival of the monks who were then experiencing financial difficulties. The OKA Classique cheese, on the other hand, was launched in 1996 and it differs from the regular OKA by its ripening time, because it is aged twice as long as the latter.