Nathan's - Sauerkraut 710mL
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Nathan's - Sauerkraut 710mL

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Bold and bursting with a distinctive sour flavor. New York cut sauerkraut makes it easy to add an iconic flavor to your freshly grilled franks and thick, deli sandwiches ! Made from fresh green cabbage and fermented with top-quality ingredients, this traditional sauerkraut is shredded into a fine consistency to provide the authentic taste and texture that your customers crave. While it can be eaten raw for a saltier flavor, it can also be cooked with your signature dishes to add just the right amount of tang. Load it between two slices of grilled rye bread along with thinly-sliced corned beef and thousand island dressing for a classic, mouth-watering reuben sandwich, or pair it with succulent, roasted pork and creamy mashed potatoes for a comfort food favorite. It can also be cooked with smoky bacon and onions for an appetizing side dish.