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Ottawa's Oldest Bakery and Deli

It was my mother's idea to bring Montreal's bagels to Ottawa - and so my father, Vincenzo Piazza, started the Ottawa Bagelshop and Deli in 1984. He brought the first wood-buring bagel oven to Ottawa, (setting a precedent in law for all of Ontario!) and with my uncle, Joe Morena, who shared the recipe of St-Viateur's iconic Montreal bagel, set up a 900 sq. ft Bagelshop. Together, they debuted the Montreal-style bagel in Ottawa, and promptly began winning over hearts and stomachs with the the wholesome deliciousness that is so unique to our hand-rolled bagels. Over 35 years later, we offer much more than just our bagels (which are the only Montreal-style bagels baked in the city that contain no food additives are that are completely free of soy, salt, and dairy). We're proud to offer products from local artisans alongside delicacies from international gourmet brands: a special blend that's always been a hallmark of the Piazza household! But what we're most proud of is how the Ottawa Bagelshop & Deli has become such a community stronghold. Nothing makes us happier than offering you a welcoming atmosphere, excellent service, and comforting, quality food that may have Montreal's style, but definitely has Ottawa's heart.

From my family to yours.

Liliana Piazza